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We seek to continue growing our online presence in order to more effectively spread awareness of the disease and to broaden our reach of supporters.

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The "Live Safe" Campaign has come so far because of the generous support it receives for its programs. You too can show your support by making general contribution to our campaigns, or by reaching out to us on the Contact page.

Short-term Goals

Every year, the brothers managing the "Live Safe" Campaign set measurable and increasingly challenging goals to meet. These goals are set as a means of ensuring continued growth for the national initiative and act like stepping stones towards our long-term goals.

Goals for 2021

  • Donate $10,000 through philanthropic efforts by the end of the fiscal year.
  • Engage 75% of active chapters in Live Safe programs.
  • Be within top 100 contributors for the GMHC AIDS Walk in NYC

Long-term Goals

The "Live Safe" Campaign started as a grass-roots initiative to help spread awareness of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. But we are certainly committed to broadening our reach so that we can make a difference on a global scale. To do so, we intend to fulfill the following goals by our 10th anniversary in 2020.

  • Be legally recognized as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.
  • Donate $500,000 through philanthropic efforts since inception.
  • Organize an HIV/AIDS Awareness philanthropy event in a country outside of the US that is hindered by HIV pandemic.


In May 2010, our brothers created the "Live Safe" campaign as a long-term national initiative to re-ignite our commitment to our national philanthropy-- HIV/AIDS Research and Awareness. Launching concurrently on colleges across the country, our members were challenged to use social media and other digital resources in order to fulfill the campaign's mission.

One of the campaign's initial undertakings was to increase the awareness of HIV and AIDS in the community. So, in the summer of 2010, a Public Service Announcement (PSA) contest was created. The contest had our members submit video clips of themselves, asking viewers to "live safe" and get tested. "Live Safe" immediately became viral and our brothers turned to Twitter and Facebook to continue spreading the campaign's message.

In addition, the "Live Safe" campaign helped establish a fundraising partnership with Aid for AIDS International, a 501(c)(3) organization committed to improving the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS. Thousands of dollars fund-raised through "Live Safe" efforts was in turn be donated directly to Aid for AIDS.

With "Live Safe" acting as a philanthropy aggregate, it soon evolved into a brand that the fraternity could associate all nationally-driven philanthropic efforts. "Live Safe" teams composed of brothers across the country would form for various large scale walk-a-thons, such as the annual AIDS Walk in New York. Chapters began fund-raising and donating proceeds towards the "Live Safe" efforts. And, in 2012, a new board position, National Director of Philanthropy and Community Affairs, was established to oversee its continued progress.

Today, "Live Safe" lives on as the Fraternity's manifested goal to service the community. It unifies and organizes the resources of brothers from all over the country, in order to make large, measurable, and impactful contributions towards the fight against HIV and AIDS.


All of our programs are coordinated by a handful of brothers that volunteer their time outside of academics and career. They are diverse group composed of undergraduates, graduates, and alumni and although they come from different walks of life, they all share a common passion for our national philanthropy.

If you are an active brother and wish to join the Live Safe committee, please contact us expressing your interest.

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