LSU Brand Guidelines


This guide is intended to be a resource so as to define our national brand and bring together the identity of our regions and chapters. It also serves as a resource to anyone who may be designing and producing communications or marketing materials for our organization.

This is intended for any brothers with the need to create documents for public consumption, including social media, such as letters, reports, presentations, flyers, or announcements. It may also be used by any 3rd party entrusted with using our brand. Any media in direct violation of any of the guidelines set forth may result in disciplinary or civil actions.

Our Mission

We, the brothers of Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity, Inc., strongly believe that many individual and collective successes can be achieved through the efforts of a culturally diverse brotherhood of college and university men who, through close association with each other, maintain honesty, commitment, respect, and trust.

The maintenance of these qualities is nurtured in large part through the diversity of culture and through self-awareness and self-respect.

Among the results of actions taken in these states of being are the promotion of friendship and Brotherhood, the development of individual character, the advancement of justice and opportunity, and the acquisition of soundness and excellence in education.

This is the foundation of our brotherhood!

Brand Tonalities


Our logo is our most central identifiable symbol to the public and it is a universal signature by which we sign all of our visual communications. The proper usage of our logo is most integral to our identity.

Logo Outline


A shield or a coat of arms is a distinctive heraldic design of a person, family, corporation, or country usually on a shield. A coat of arms was traditionally used by medieval knights to cover, protect, and identify the wearer. Shields are most often used by Greek Lettered organizations as an identity.

It is very important that our shield on our logo show exactly as shown below as our shield holds significant symbolic meaning to our membership.

The shield should only be used by itself in internal facing communications or if used as a decorating device and used on paraphernalia purchased by our members.

It is vital that our shield is always displayed with the registered trademark symbol (®) as shown below. This symbol is used to provide notice that the symbol is a trademark that has been registered with US Patent & Trademark Office and that any disallowed use of the symbol is subject to legal action.


Brand Hierarchy

The parent brand of the fraternity sits on top of the organizations central leadership, consisting of the National Executive Board and Regions. On the bottom of the brand hierarchy sit Chapters representing the core of our membership intake and activities.

Brand Hierarchy

Logo Variations

The only allowable variation of our logo is a horizontally stacked version with the shield positioned above the logotype. This variation can be seen below along with variations for the sub-division logo as well.

Horizontal Logo

Horizontal Subdivision Logo

If there is a need for our brand to be placed on a non-white background or a limitation on the colors that can be used on a desired medium, it is acceptable to use as an alternative our name in combination with our Greek Letter representation (Λ Σ Υ). This alternative could not be used on any paraphernalia or worn clothing.

Greek Letters

Clear Space

To ensure that the logo is clearly visible surround it with adequate clear space free of type, graphics, or any visual elements which might add visual clutter to the logo. Doing so will make certain to maximize the recognition and impact of our identity. Please use the shield at at least 1/4 scale as a reference object to provide clear space as seen below.

Clear Space


Our logos should only sit on a white background color.

Unacceptable Logo Treatments

To maintain the integrity of the logo, and to promote the consistency of the brand, it is important to use the logo as described in these guidelines. The examples shown here illustrate misuses of the logo that should be avoided.

Unacceptable Background 1

Unacceptable Background 2

Unacceptable Font

Unacceptable Scale


This primary palette is what we use for foundational elements. These colors, especially White and Baby Blue, act as core recall elements to help consistently reinforce our brand.

General Usage




The official main font of the fraternity is Lato. Fallbacks for Lato, in order of preference, are Helvetica and Arial. Lato may be used for headings, display text, and body copy.

PT Serif

The serif alternative is PT Serif. It is only to be used for body copy.


Standard Letter Head

Below is the standard letter head for the fraternity that is in line with our brand.

Letter Head

Standard Business Card

Below is the standard business card for the fraternity that is in line with our brand.

Business Card

Unacceptable Brand Uses

Our brand represents how this organization, as a whole, is portrayed to the public. It is important that any use of our brand is in line with our mission and core values. To ensure that our public image is not tarnished or misrepresented please make sure that the marketing in question avoid the misuses below.

Other Trademarks

The images below are considered trademarks of the fraternity. The use of these marks should follow the guidelines for acceptable use of our brand.

Taino Head


Paraphernalia refers to any article of clothing such as sweaters, shirts, jackets, etc., that is used to identify the wearer as being an initiating member of our organization. Below are some guidelines on paraphernalia design and acceptable uses of our colors and trademarks on these items.