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Elysium Chapter
Contact Name: Antonio Barajas
Georgia College And State University
Milledgeville GA
Est: Apr 16, 2010

Upcoming Events [view all]

04/06/13 - Clash of the Titans 3
04/06/13 - Clash of the Titans Afterparty
04/01/13 - Elysium Presents: Upsilon Week
03/05/13 - FIFA Tournament
01/30/13 - Rum&Salsa

News Articles [view all]

04/11/13 - Clash of the Titans 3 - Believe in the Hype
11/15/12 - Latino frat forms a family
05/01/12 - Clash of the Titans stomps Russell
05/01/12 - Fraternity promotes diversity, awarded
04/10/11 - Lumina Foundation

Photo Album [view all]

Chapter Brothers

Joseph Coleman
Milledgevi.., GA
Javier Becerra
Grayson, GA
Camilo Baez
Milledgevi.., GA
Steven Graham
Milledgevi.., GA
Antonio Barajas
Milledgevi.., GA
Edwin Mendoza
Moultrie, GA
Luis Jimenez
Milledgevi.., GA


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