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Serving the community has been essential to the existence of Lambda Sigma Upsilon (LSU) since its inception in 1979. Our Founding Fathers established the organization with a goal of addressing the basic education needs of students of color on its campuses, especially Latinos. Proudly, the organization was able to facilitate effective change as a liaison between Latino students and university administration.

In 1989, a time when HIV continued to sweep the country, the brotherhood lost Founder Father Alberto Rivera to complications derived from AIDS. The event struck a chord with all Brothers, who were suddenly awakened to the harsh reality of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. From that point forward, in honor of Alberto Rivera and all others who have fought the battle against HIV/AIDS, the Brothers of Lambda Sigma Upsilon decided to dedicate themselves to the cause, by adopting a national philanthropy of supporting HIV/AIDS research and treatment programs.

For more than 20 years, Lambda Sigma Upsilon has participated in and hosted a variety of events and fundraisers, supporting people living with HIV/AIDS, including: GHMC AIDS Walk events, the AIDS Quilt, Hyacinth AIDS Foundation, "Tackling AIDS" (Guarionex Chapter), "Stepping on AIDS" (Monarca Chapter) etc. LSU has also contributed to a number of organizations conducting research, support policy, and providing treatment to individuals living with HIV/AIDS, such as Aid for AIDS International, the Keep A Child Alive Foundation, and Camp Heartland, among others.

In 2010, Lambda Sigma Upsilon launched the "Live Safe" campaign to unite all activity supporting its national philanthropy.

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